TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife Review

January 4, 2021

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TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife. TOKAGEH Japanese knives are not only beautifully crafted. They also feature the classic lightweight design that Japanese knives are known for. Which is what makes them the perfect choice for both home and pro kitchens.

The latest model to hit their chef quality knives is the TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife. A Gyuto knife is very similar to a chef’s knife. With the same type of height at the helm of the knife and the similar flat profile toward the heel that’s designed for high volume chopping. The narrow tip of the blade makes the knife perfect for precision work. Considered one of the most versatile styles of Japanese knives. The Gyuto can handle a wide range of cutting jobs in the kitchen, easily. However! it does have some limitations and shouldn’t be used by amateurs for fine dicing tasks.

Our Verdict: This knife is designed for regular daily use. However! the tough blade has a reputation for chipping if it’s used daily to cut through tough materials. So this knife may not be the best choice for pro kitchens. The blade itself is slightly shorter than what you’ll get with a traditional Western knife. But it can also hold an edge for a longer period of time. Which is a huge plus if you’re searching for a low maintenance blade.


Read on to learn more about this popular knife by TOKAGEH.

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TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife

Overview and Features

For many cooks! a Gyuto knife is one of the only knives commonly used in the kitchen. For some applications! a specialized knife can make certain cutting tasks easier! but there aren’t many jobs the Gyuto can’t do.

We’ve covered more information on this popular style of Japanese knife in our buying guide. To learn more, CLICK HERE!

Considered the most versatile of all the Japanese knives. The Gyuto will be your go-to knife for jobs big and small. It has a design that’s similar to a traditional Western chef’s knife, however! the knife blade is slightly shorter.

The knife is designed to handle most cutting tasks in the kitchen including slicing and dicing fruits and veggies! trimming fat on raw meats! and even general meal prep.

The price of the knife can give amateur cooks pause. But considering the overall durability of this model. In addition to cutting power and low-maintenance needs. It’s definitely worth every penny.

So! if you’re tired of having to replace your kitchen knives every year. And you want a knife that doesn’t need to be sharpened every week. This Gyuto is a great option! and it’s a knife that can last for several years to come! with proper care and maintenance.

Blade Design

The blade on this model by TOKAGEH measures in at eight inches long. The blade is highly durable, thanks to the Japanese stainless-steel core and a Damascus steel exterior. The sixty-six layers of Damascus steel increases the knife’s durability. The blade’s granular finish will prevent food from sticking!

For a more precise cut! the blade is angled at an eight-thirteen-degree angle on both sides of the knife.

The quality of the blade makes it perfect for use in professional kitchens. While the blade is designed to handle high volume cutting on a daily basis. It can also be a great choice for home kitchen use.

Just as important as a blade’s durability is how well it holds an edge. In terms of sharpening frequency. This can all depend on what type of food you’re cutting up on a regular basis and how often you use the knife. For regular meal prep this blade is said to hold a fine edge for months. However! the manufacturer still recommends regular sharpening at least once a week to keep this blade in peak form.

There have been some reports that the knife’s blade can chip if it’s used to cut tougher materials such as raw root veggies. Fortunately! this isn’t a common issue. Should you run into this problem we recommend contacting customer support for a replacement.

Ergonomic Handle

Cooking a large dinner for your family and friends can be overwhelming as it is, But if your chef’s knife is uncomfortable to use? this can really slow you down in the kitchen. Adding to your stress. TOKAGEH has designed their VG10 chef knife with comfort in mind. Unlike traditional Japanese knives, the VG10 features an ergonomic handle design that allows for longer use. The handle is extremely durable. Eludes liquid or moisture, and has a beautiful weaved finished. The finish also helps to improve the user’s grip on the handle.

Those suffering from CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME or arthritis will appreciate the handle’s innovative design that helps to minimize pain and flare-ups that can occur with the use of a heavier traditional kitchen knife.

The weight of the knife is easily manageable. Even if you’re dealing with high volumes of food. Competing models often have too much heft in the handle. Which is used to counterbalance the weight of the blade. But TOKAGEH is way ahead of the competition. Introducing an ergonomic design that not only focuses on compensating for the blade’s weight but also factors  user comfort into the design. You’ll still have total control over each cut. But without the hand cramping and user fatigue that often comes with lower quality knives that tend to go overboard in terms of handle weight and design.

Warranty Information

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TOKAGEH currently offers a lifetime warranty and a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the VG10’s performance within sixty days of purchase! you can return it for a full refund! no questions asked!

This pro-quality knife is best suited for cooks and chefs who are in need of a low-maintenance high-quality Japanese knife that’s equipped with a well-refined blade and has a reputation for precision.

In regard to the chipped blade issue. This should be covered by the warranty. The manufacturer will replace the knife, but may request that you send the knife in for a replacement.

What this Knife Can Do

So! what’s the difference between this knife and the standard Western chef’s knife?

Mainly this involves the weight of the knife itself and the blade design. The blade design increases the knife’s durability while managing to keep the knife’s weight down.

This is a real tool! and while it may feel much lighter than a traditional chef’s knife. it’s definitely not delicate. While it can handle any cutting job in the kitchen. With the exception of deboning tasks, the edge and tip of the knife can be chipped. Especially when it comes to cutting tougher materials, such as bone. But this is the consequence of using a blade with a relatively high hardness.

Unlike a Western chef’s knife! this blade will keep a very sharp edge for a longer period of time. While the softer steel of a chef’s knife tends to roll and dent at the edge, requiring frequent sharpening.

It has a smaller blade compared to the TEN INCH SHUN DM707 KNIFE  which features a blade length that’s more commonly found on Western chef’s knives.


Like other high-end Japanese knives! this model is not dishwasher friendly. The knife must be hand washed using a mild detergent and dried immediately after in order to prevent spotting on the blade.

Compared to other Japanese knives in this price range. This model is considered low maintenance in terms of sharpening needs.

SHARPENING is required after three to six months of use. If you use this knife daily in the kitchen. It may need to be sharpened more frequently, depending on what type of food you prepare.


  • Designed by a team of engineers and chefs.
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • The granular finish prevents food from sticking to the blade
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can hold a sharp edge for several months without sharpening
  • Lightweight
  • Large eight-inch blade
  • VG10 Japanese stainless-steel core


  • Price
  • The blade can chip if used to cut harder food
  • Shorter blade length compared to the standard Western chef’s knife.

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TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife Conclusion and Rating

Kitchen Product Rating as of April, 2022: [star rating=”4.5″ numeric=”yes”]
TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife that has it all, this model by TOKAGEH may just be the last knife you ever have to buy. It’s versatile and can be used for a wide range of cutting! slicing! and dicing tasks in the kitchen. The ergonomic design combined with the weighted handle allows you to effortlessly cut up a high volume of food without any of the pain or user fatigue that comes with standard, heavier Western chef’s knives.

TOKAGEH continues to produce some of the best quality, authentic Japanese knives in the industry. And they do so by sticking to the classic design and manufacturing processes that have been used in Japan for hundreds of years. This versatile Gyuto knife offers a new take on handle design. but! it doesn’t take away from the knife’s cutting precision and strength. The ergonomic design will give cooks and chefs every reason to buy this tough, sturdy, and versatile knife that promotes longer use while minimizing discomfort. We gave this knife a rating of four and a half out of five stars. how do you rate or TOKAGEH Japanese VG10 Chef’s Knife Review?