The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online

June 28, 2021
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The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online. The humble butcher’s knife could arguably be one of human kinds most outstanding achievements.

An archetypal butchers knife features a maneuverable, weighted, hand-held tool with a sharpened edge. This tool can be used to break open nuts and other plant-based foods while also being robust enough to cut through dense fur and hide, as well as solid muscle tissue, tendons and bone from game.

Butcher blades have hundreds of thousands of history and development, from sizable sharpened stone cleavers used by Neanderthals to finely honed master crafted blades crafted by master Japanese blade smiths using techniques perfected over generations.

Traditional butcher blades tend to differ between eastern and western butchering and culinary cultures and traditions. Western and European butcher’s blade generally mimics the form of a middle-east sword called a scimitar featuring a thick curved blade that slices as it moves.

In contrast, in many areas of Asia, a large cleaver-style blade has remained the primary tool of choice among traditional butchers and chefs.

A good butcher’s blade must be robust, durable, and hold a sharp edge while also offering versatile functions, be it chopping and crushing dense vegetable matter, sliding through thick muscle tissue and tendon, or breaking open big joints in large game.

Read on to see some prime examples of the most popular and trusted butchers blades available online, and find out more about what makes these blades so unique.

Table of Contents

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Butcher Knife, Granton Edge, 10-Inch

The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online
The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online



  • Ten-in blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Quality Swiss blade

Victorinox, famous for the iconic Swiss Army Knife, has been designing and manufacturing world-class blades since the late-1880s. They continue this legacy with this professional-grade chef and butcher’s scimitar blade.

This trusted butchers knife is crafted with high-quality carbon stainless steel and has been conically ground and ice tempered to ensure a long-lasting sharp edge. The blade also features a Granton edge, a series of hollowed-out grooves across the edge of the blade that minimizes cutting friction offering clean cuts every stroke of the blade.

The ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle provides superior non-slip performance, even when wet, and this knife meets strict National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards for public health protection.

DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife Gladiator Series Slicer NSF Certified

The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available 2021
The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available 2021


Most Trusted Butcher Knife Product-Description:

  • Full-tang blade
  • Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Steel
  • Black G10 Garolite Handle

Dalstrong has been making since the early 1980s and has forged a name synonymous with style and quality. This eight-inch scimitar butcher’s blade is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetic and function.

It is manufactured from forged Thyssenkrupp high-carbon German steel that is heat-treated and ice tempered. This full-tang blade features a beautiful curve that seamlessly glides through your culinary delights, utilizing carefully coned grooves to minimize friction while slicing.

Its handle is constructed using ZB Lack G10-grade Garolite or Pakkawood and is held in place with a triple rivet system, one of which stylishly and proudly features a Dalstrong engraved head. A professional-grade molded sheath accompanies this blade to ensure your blade is kept safe, protected and sharp.

TUO Vegetable Meat Cleaver knife Chopper Butcher Knife Chinese

The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online TUO
The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online TUO


Most Trusted Butcher Knife Product-Description:

  • 6.5-inch Chinese-style butchers cleaver
  • Quality-German HC steel blade
  • Deluxe pakkawood handle

While scimitar-style blades are more prevalent in western butchery, Chinese and other eastern butcher styles have been built around the classic cleaver shape and design. The team at TUO cutlery.

TUO is dedicated to bringing the past into the future, using forging techniques millennia-old while utilizing modern technology and bringing contemporary style into their world-class blades.

This chefs-grade cleaver from the TUO Falcon cutlery series features a full-tang blade with a robust, engraved, single rivet pakkawood handle. The finely honed and tapered 6.5-inch cleaver blade is forged using high-quality HC German steel.

Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set, Cimeter, Breaking, and Boning Knives – Includes Sharpening Steel

The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online Jero
The Most Trusted Butcher Knife Available Online Jero


Most Trusted Butcher Knife Product-Description:

  • Classic trusted butchers knife set
  • Professional-grade injection molded handles
  • Made-in Portugal

If you are a seasoned hunter or want the real butcher’s experience, this professional-quality JERO trusted butcher knives is for your kitchen, BBQ area, processing space, or hunting field dressing kit.

This fantastic set of world-class butchers knives features:

  • An eight-inch scimitar blade
  • Eight-inch breaking knife
  • Six-inch curved boning knife
  • High-quality Mundial steel for sharpening

Each full-tang blade is made from German, high-carbon stainless steel. The professional butcher-grade injection molded handles are made from impact and temperature resistant, dense polymers, perfect for all professional butchering and culinary applications.

The quality bonus Mundial-steel will give you a quick honing of the blade’s edge before every use, ensuring your knives are always offering optimal performance. Whether you are an amateur learning the butcher’s craft, or a seasoned professional, these JERO blades will offer premium performance for years to come.

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