The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021

June 24, 2021

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The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021. Meat cleavers are an essential kitchen staple for serious cooks or chefs, be it in a home kitchen or professional galley. And although the title of “meat cleaver” sounds about as carnivorous as you can get, even plant-based chefs can utilize this effective and robust multi-use blade for their culinary delights.

So what is a meat cleaver, how long have they been around, and what are they used for? Read on to learn more.

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The Ancient Cleaver

Although the cleaver used by most cooks and chefs today is based around traditional Chinese and Southeast Asian designs, the heavy, axe-like meat cleaver has a history tracing back over 1-million years.

A meat cleaver consists of a large, flat blade that often consists of a thicker blunt spine that tapers to a hard, ultra-sharp edge. The size and added weight were designed to hack through hard, dense bone, cartilage, muscle tissue and tendons.

The flat of the blade can also be used to tenderize the meat and crush things like garlic, onions, shallots, salt and peppercorns.

A skilled cleaver user can utilize this versatile knife for all kinds of culinary use, including slicing and dicing dense plant-based foods like yams, potatoes, cabbages, pumpkins, taros, as well as using the blade to crush herbs and spices.

Meat cleavers come in various shapes, weights and sizes; still, a medium-sized blade is best for the average home kitchen. However, you may find you love your cleaver so much that you start a collection.

The team here at MGE has just what you need to get the obsession rolling with our list of the best meat cleavers to buy online in 2021. Read on to take a look.

HENCKELS Meat Cleaver, 6″, Black/Stainless Steel

The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 HENCKELS
The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 HENCKELS


Product description:

  • Made in Spain
  • German stainless steel
  • Full-tang blade with classic black handle

This well priced, six-inch meat cleaver designed by the team at Henckels, Germany, is made of high-quality carbon German stainless steel and has all the characteristics of a perfect everyday professional-grade cleaver.

Made in Spain, this well-balanced meat cleaver features:
  • Full-tang six-inch blade with hanging hole
  • Dishwasher safe hot drop forged steel finish
  • Finely honed tapered grind
  • Classic triple riveted ergonomic handle

Ideal for all types of cooking, Henckels stand by their quality cleaver with a lifetime warranty; everything you could ask for in a versatile general-use meat cleaver.

Handmade Forged Kitchen 8” Chef Knife Grand-sharp Pro Razor Sharp

The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 japanses
The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 Japanese’s


Product Description:

  • Japanese multi-use cleaver
  • Full-tang 56+HRC blade
  • Deluxe ebony handle

Japanese chefs are renowned for attention to detail and precision. Like most Eastern cuisines, the cleaver plays a big part in a traditional Asian kitchen. Japan is also known for producing some of the best blades in history, and this very affordable blade by Grand Sharp cutlery is no exception.

This beautiful blade features include:
  • Well balanced full-tang eight-inch blade
  • Blade made from High carbon clad 5Cr15Mov super steel
  • Blade rated 56+ on the Rockwell hardness scale
  • Manually beaten and ground by export forgers
  • Beautiful dual riveted wooden handle with hanging ring

Perfect for a thoughtful gift, this stunning Japanese blade comes with a gorgeous custom leather sheath with a locking strap. This blade is quality steel and will require some maintenance.

DALSTRONG Obliterator Meat Cleaver – 9″ – Gladiator Series R

The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 DALSTRONG
The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 DALSTRONG


Product Description:

  • High-Carbon 7cr17mov steel, satin finish blade
  • Three versatile sharpened edges
  • Military grade G10 triple riveted pakkawood handle

If you eat more like a viking than a samurai, then look no further; this is the meat cleaver to take with you into Valhalla! The Dalstrong Obliterator, from their gladiator cutlery series,  lives up to its name with an epic three edge three-pound blade ready to hack through dinner; and then…maybe the hordes!

This battle ready meat cleaver features:
  • A full-tang six-millimeter thick, nine-inch 7CR17MOV high carbon steel NSF certified blade
  • Three aggressive edged sides with a satin polished finish for versatile cutting
  • Premium, military-grade G10 pakkawood triple riveted handle

This vicious warrior’s cleaver is presented in a stylish, handcrafted acacia wood stand. Perfect for your next victory BBQ.

Zhen San Huan Hand Hammered Forged Kitchen Knife Cleaver

The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 ZhenSanHuan
The Best Meat Cleaver to Buy Online in 2021 Zhen San Huan


Product Description:

  • Professional hand hammered Chinese meat cleaver
  • Li family forging with over 400-years of history
  • Highest quality traditional blade

This Zhen San Huan traditional Chinese meat cleaver is a piece of culinary history. The Li family have been forging blades since the Ming Dynasty over 400-years ago and have maintained their family tradition to this day.

A stunning historically forged meat cleaver, this blade features:
  • 1.2-lbs hand-forged, beaten and ground carbon blade
  • Traditionally shaped and oiled wooden handle
  • Beautifully family stamped engraving on the rustic ultra sharp blade
  • Complimentary whetstone for maintenance

This blade is as traditional as you can get, so it must be maintained by cleaning, drying and oiling after each use to prevent oxidation: an authentic Chinese culinary masterpiece and a must-have for any collector.

So which of our cleavers will be making its way into your kitchen cutlery collection? Have you already got a favorite chopper in your draw or knife block? The team here at My Gear Expert are always keen to check out the latest kitchen knives and best meat cleavers.

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