The Best Knife Sharpener for the Home Kitchen in 2021

August 28, 2021
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The Best Knife Sharpener for the Home Kitchen in 2021. A dull knife is a personal hate of mine. Not only because it makes a knife underperform and mangle the food you are trying to cut, but it also makes a knife much more dangerous, and here’s the reason why.

When you use a dull blade, you are required to place more pressure on the knife. This increases the chance of the blade shooting or slipping off with extra speed and force, meaning you are way more likely to suffer a critical injury to your hand or body.

A sharp knife bites into your ingredients surface way easier and provides the user with more dexterity and control, as well as making cleaner cuts and enhancing the culinary experience.

Now, not all knife sharpeners are made equal, and there is quite a difference between giving your knife a quick sharpen before use and completely reconditioning your blade.

Below we have made a shortlist of some of the best knife sharpeners available online, from compact quick touch-up sharpeners, to professional-grade sharpening systems. The Best Knife Sharpener for the Home Kitchen in 2021, Read on to learn more.

Table of Contents

KitchenIQ 0009, Black 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener, Manual

KitchenIQ 0009 Black 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener Manual


Product Features:

  • Manual hand sharpener
  • Course and fine for precision sharpening
  • Unique bench or tabletop flat or non-slip corner operation

This ingenious little sharpener by Kitchen IQ is the ultimate sharpener for touching up your kitchen blades before everyday use. It features a course and fine dual-sharpening system for both fine sharpening or maintenance sharpening.

The unique base and thumb and finger grip make for safe and controlled blade sharpening. The non-slip rubberized base can be placed flat on a benchtop or table, or you can utilize a 90° angled section to hold the sharpener on the benchtop or tables edge, offering the optimal sharpening angle while using.

This compact sharpener fits perfectly into any kitchen drawer and can be used on straight edge and serrated blades. This sharpener, unfortunately, does not accommodate scissor blades.

Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Bulb Head, Sharpens, Hones, & Polishes Serrated, Beveled, Standard Blades.

The Best Knife Sharpener for the Home Kitchen in 2021


Product Features:

  • Official Bavarian Edge knife sharpener
  • Foolproof operation
  • Works on straight, serrated and beveled blades

You may have seen this sharpener on late-night TV or shopping channels. The Bavarian Edge knife sharpener is the original spring-action tabletop knife sharpener and requires no power and no special skills.

The system works via two independent spring-action arms that feature tungsten carbide sharpeners. These arms contour around the natural shape of the blade that sharpens hones and polishes even the oldest of knives.

Simply pass your blade through the arms until your knife is fully sharpened and get your cook on! Easy, effective and affordable.

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Edge Select Professional Electric Knife Sharpener with 100-Percent Diamond Abrasives

ChefsChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife


The Best Knife Sharpener for the Home Kitchen in 2021 Product Features:

  • Electric three-stage knife sharpener
  • 100% diamond abrasive
  • Precision performance

If you want to take the elbow grease and guesswork out of your knife sharpening, then look no further. The Chef’s Choice Model 15XV is a three-phase, electronic knife sharpener that can breathe new life into a dull old blade that seemed destined for the scrap heap.

Its three-phase sharpening process is powered by 100% diamond abrasives. Phase three also utilizes a patented flexible abrasive system that polishes and helps prolong the life of a serrated blade.

This automatic knife sharpener can also covert traditional 20° factory edges into high performance 15° edges. It is also super quiet compared to some of its peers, operating between 65-75dB

This fantastic electronic knife sharpener is also ultra-efficient, with first time sharpens taken around one minute and touch-ups as fast as 10-seconds.

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

The Best Knife Sharpener for the Home Kitchen in 2021


Product Features:

  • Professional-grade, precision knife sharpener
  • Clamp and jig system
  • Complete knife reconditioning tool

If you are a bit of a cutlery connoisseur, then hold onto your hat! This professional-grade precision knife sharpener is the royals Royce of blade reconditioning tools.

This precision adjustable knife sharpener is popular with kitchen specialists and tool experts alike; this precision adjustable knife sharpener acts as a clamp and jig that allows you to hone a blade to absolute precision from 30° to 15° in 1° increments.

The system works by placing the blade in the clamp. The adjustable swing arm or tri-abrasive rod hold three grades of sharpening stone from coarse to ultra-fine, allowing you to take your blades back to an ultra-sharp, fine finish without chips or divests.

If you love the art of knife sharpening, then we can ensure you this system will give you one of the most satisfying knife sharpening experiences of your life.

Do you already own a knife sharpener in your kitchen? Is it time for an upgrade? Which one of our best knife sharpeners was your favorite? The team here at Kitchenairy are always on the lookout for tools and gadgets that make life quicker, easier and safer in the kitchen, like the best knife sharpener to buy online.

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