The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife Review

January 19, 2021
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The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife. Is a ten-inch chef’s knife by Shun. It’s made out of high-performance steel. Complete with Shun’s patented composite blade technology!

Which combines the strength and durability of two different types of steel into one impressive knife. Unlike the traditional Gyuto knife that has an eight-inch blade.

Shun’s spin on the Gyuto gives it two extra inches! This extra length is perfect for bigger cutting tasks.

Table of Contents

Our Verdict

The knife features a durable blade design that’s very low maintenance. The blade itself is impressively strong and features a decent length. Although it’s approximately one to two inches shorter than some types of traditional Western chef’s knives.

But! longer than the average Gyuto knife. The handle is also thinner. Which can make it difficult for users with larger hands to grip.

Ultimately! this knife is very versatile and a great buy if you’re in need of a tough knife that can handle most of the duties in the kitchen.

The Shun DM0707 Chef's Knife
The Shun DM0707 Chefs Knife Review


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Overview and Features

The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife. This popular knife by Shun features a whole new take on the traditional chef’s knife. The manufacturer also didn’t skimp on high-quality materials.

Creating a knife that’s designed to last for life. Additionally! Shun also offers an impressive product warranty that definitely makes this knife worth a closer look.

In Japan. The Chef’s knife is called the Gyuto!  The Gyuto knife is able to perform the same type of duties that the Western chef’s knife can.

The biggest difference is the weight of the knife. As you probably know. Japanese knives are renowned for their lighter blade weight designs that improve a knife’s balance.

Providing the user with more control. This all-purpose knife may be longer than the average Japanese Gyuto knife. But the thinness of the blade also helps to keep the weight down.

So! it feels comfortable in your hand! offering the perfect amount of heft for improved cutting precision and balance.

So! What Does This Knife Excel At?

The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife. Since it features a unique design that’s part chef’s knife, part traditional Gyuto. This knife offers the type of versatility you’ll need in a knife that’s designed to handle more jobs than just chopping up veggies.

The knife works well with a variety of foods. Providing smooth! clean cuts! and since the blade is lighter than average. You can also use the knife for fine dicing or to julienne veggies.

However! No knife! can handle every task in the kitchen. While it’s true that this model is pretty versatile. Some chefs may not be comfortable using it for more delicate kitchen tasks such as deboning smaller fish.

If you love experimenting with new dishes. The KAMIKOTO KANPEKI KNIFE SET may be more up your alley. It includes a chef’s knife! utility knife! and a slicing knife that’s perfect for use on baked goods or even sushi rolls.

Blade Design

Made out of high-performance! VG10 ULTRA-HARD STEEL, a type of durable metal that features impressive edge-holding properties, the blade is sharper, lighter, and thinner than the average chef’s knife.

The blade has a razor-sharp sixteen degree cutting angle. The angle of the blade helps to preserve the blade while making cutting, dicing, and slicing, much easier.

Each side of the double bevel blade features thirty-three layers of stainless-steel. It also has a beautiful Damascus finish that protects the blade against corrosion.

The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife. The very shape of the blade is designed to reduce striking, resulting in safer, faster cutting performance. This knife was made by KAI. A popular blade manufacturer in Japan known for their precision forged blades.

Right out of the box you can see that the knife’s edge is flawless.



The D-shaped handle is made out of PAKKAWOOD. This genuine hardwood handle also contains resin. Which helps to improve the handle’s durability, and strength. And makes it moisture resistant.

Some cooks felt that the handle was much slimmer than what you’ll commonly find with a traditional Gyuto knife. This can make the knife difficult to grip for cooks with larger hands.

The handle offers a nice weight that works to counterbalance the weight of the blade.

This is done in order to give the user more control over cuts. A handle that’s too light can make a blade difficult to control when it comes to precise cuts such as dicing.

Fortunately! this knife features a nice weight that will give you more control over your cuts. But it’s not so heavy that it can lead to user fatigue or hand cramping if you’re preparing a larger meal.


The blade is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This type of coverage will give buyers confidence in this purchase knowing that the manufacturer stands behind their products.

It will also cover the knife against blade damage and manufacturing defects.

Made in Japan

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Every Shun knife is handcrafted in Japan by master craftsman who use traditional Japanese knife-making techniques that have been used for thousands of years.

How it Handles in the Kitchen

Compared to a traditional Western chef’s knife. The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife blade is one to two inches shorter. But compared to a traditional Japanese Gyuto knife.

The blade is two inches longer. Given the longer than average length of the blade.

This Shun knife is large enough to handle the bigger jobs in the kitchen such as splitting a hard squash or melon or breaking down poultry. However! the knife’s impressive balance also makes it a good choice for some smaller tasks.

The longer blade length also allows you to cut up larger quantities of food using fewer strokes. As an example. You can cut several pieces of celery at the same time.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose knife for your professional kitchen. Then a knife that can help increase productivity is a must.

A Modern Take on a Traditional Design

As we’ve mentioned! the design of the knife doesn’t stick to the classic style of the Gyuto or even the chef’s knife. This knife is more like a hybrid.

Combining the best features of both styles of knives to create one impressively durable all-purpose knife.

This type of versatility allows you to precisely cut up meats! bread! fruits! veggies! and even tough root veggies. The slimmer handle can make the knife difficult for some users to grip.

But for most cooks! the handle provides a comfortable grip and one that will allow them to expertly slice and dice with the type of precision that will make any dish presentation-worthy.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Japanese knives. You can CLICK HERE to learn more about the different options available. In our guide that covers everything you need to know about classic and modern Japanese knives.

Care and Maintenance

The manufacturer claims that the knife is dishwasher safe. But! considering the price! We recommend that you wash the knife by hand in warm, soapy water.

The Shun DM0707 Chef’s Knife should also be promptly dried after use in order to avoid spotting on the blade.

In terms of sharpening needs. The blade is able to maintain a sharp edge for a period of three to six months.

Depending on what type of food you prepare and how frequently you use the knife. The manufacturer recommends sharpening the blade once a month.

Before you dive in a sharpen your new knife make sure you read the included user’s manual. Which provides instructions regarding care and the type of sharpening steps you need to follow in order to avoid damaging the blade.


  • Made in Japan
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Longer than average blade length
  • Well-balanced
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from VG10 ultra-hard steel


  • Chef’s with larger hands may have trouble comfortably gripping the knife.

Shun DM0707 Classic Chef's Knife Conclusion and Rating

Kitchen Product Rating as of April, 2022 [star rating="4" numeric="yes"]

Shun DM0707 Classic 10-Inch Chef's Knife

For some cooks. Especially! those with large hands. The Shun DM0707 Chef's Knife may be the wrong fit considering the slimmer handle design. While others will appreciate this new take on handle design. Especially! if they have smaller hands that often struggle to grip traditional chunky knife handles. The combination of the lighter blade and handle make this knife very easy to handle. Allowing you to slice through all of your prep work in just a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional chef's knife. You'll love how this knife feels in your hand. The fact that you won't need to constantly sharpen the blade, and you'll also appreciate how impressively durable the blade is. The DM0707 features a blade design that was inspired by the same techniques used to create knives in ancient Japan. This handcrafted knife is anything but delicate. The thirty-three layers of coating on each side of the double bevel blade ensure that this knife can handle any type of cutting task in the kitchen including carving! slicing! and chopping. Shun has designed a classic! beautiful blade! complete with the DAMASCUS FINISH and razor-sharp edge.  This knife offers top performance and impressive edge retention. In an all-purpose knife that you’ll never cook without. We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars!

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So now time for our final score below!