Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply Copper Cookware set

January 27, 2021
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The Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-ply Hammered Stainless Steel Copper Cookware Set Review.If cooking is your passion, then don’t settle for anything less than the top of the line cookware.

Cooks of all skill levels will fall in love with the Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply copper cookware set. Lagostina is an Italy based company that’s renowned in the industry! for their unique take on cookware design.

This set features beautiful hammered copper pots and pans. Every piece has been crafted with quality and durability in mind.

Our Verdict: Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply copper cookware set is perfect for amateur cooks. But isn’t recommended for use in professional kitchens, or for the serious home cook. The pots and pans feature a thinner than average layer of copper. Which can be a major drawback considering a thicker layer of copper helps to heat up the contents of the pot or pan at a much faster rate. These pots and pans are also lined with stainless-steel. Which can lend to the set’s durability. Basically! this budget-friendly set can be a great choice for most novice cooks on a tight budget.


Continue reading to learn more about the benefits that come with this tri-ply copper cookware set.

Table of Contents

Overview and Features

Lagostina may not be as well-known as other copper cookware manufacturers. But they’ve still managed to earn a reputation in the industry for producing cookware that’s functional! durable! and low maintenance.

Considering the low price! you shouldn’t expect these pots and pans to perform as well as a higher priced copper cookware set that features a copper exterior that’s twice as thick.

This isn’t the type of pro chef quality copper cookware you’ll find in a five-star restaurant. In fact! this hybrid design makes the set more suitable for home use. But the fact that it features a tri-ply design isn’t a drawback for some cooks.

The set still performs well. And many cooks feel that tri-ply copper cookware is much easier to clean and maintain. However! whether or not this set can outperform a traditional copper cookware set is debatable.

Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply  cookware isn’t just beautiful. It comes with plenty of advantages. Since copper heats up quickly and efficiently. Using this cookware can reduce your energy bill by minimizing the cooking time required.

Lagostina Hammered Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Copper

Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply Copper Cookware set
Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 1810 Tri Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set 10 Piece Copper


This Set Includes:

  • Eight-inch skillet
  • Ten-inch skillet
  • Two-quart saucepan with lid
  • Three-quart saucepan with lid
  • Three-quart sauté pan with lid
  • Six-quart stockpot with lid

Each piece in this ten-piece set features tri-ply stainless steel construction. The pots and pans have an aluminum core. Sandwiched between both copper and stainless steel.

The interior stainless-steel lining and the aluminum core work well with the copper to ensure the pots and pans heat up quickly and evenly. which means no more hot spots.

As you can see! this set comes with a variety of pots and pans. Making this set a great starter set if you need to upgrade from your outdated Teflon or stainless-steel pots and pans.

The set’s eight and ten-inch skillets are perfect for smaller meals but can’t handle a heavy volume. You’ll need to purchase a large twelve-inch skillet separately.

Fortunately, Lagostina sells a variety of large skillets to choose from at reasonable prices. So you can purchase one that will match this set.

The manufacturer includes a variety of saucepan sizes and a six-quart stockpot. making this set perfect if you need cookware that can handle cooking for three to four people.

An Elegant Design

The exterior features a beautiful unique looking hammered copper design. While the layer of copper is thinner than what you’ll find in a traditional copper pot or pan. It still does a decent job of retaining and controlling heat.

The fact that this set uses a thinner layer of copper isn’t obvious. The set easily looks like a copper cookware set you’d pay twice the price for.

These pots and pans will add a touch of elegance and class in your kitchen and look great suspended from a pot and pan rack or hung on the wall.

Additionally! this set is safe to use in both broilers and ovens up to five hundred degrees.

Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply Copper Cookware set Video Review

Non-Spill Edges

Each pot and pan features flared edges! which will allow you to easily pour without spilling. The stainless-steel interior adds some weight to this cookware. Which can make them difficult to pour when they’re full. These non-spill edges are a nice touch and one a cook will definitely appreciate.


In order to keep this tri-ply cookware glowing! the manufacturer recommends washing the cookware in warm soapy water with a soft cloth or sponge. Dry each piece immediately after. In order to avoid water spots or discoloration.

The cookware should be polished once a month using an approved cookware polish.

In order to avoid damaging the delicate copper exterior, never place the cookware in a dishwasher.


The cookware comes in at two and a half millimeters thick, but considering the interior is stainless steel and the core of the pots and pans is made out of the aluminum. You’re not getting a very thick layer of copper.

Any chef will tell you that a thicker layer of copper is needed in order to precisely regulate the temperature in your cookware.

Additionally! this tri-ply design means that the pots and pans aren’t able to heat up the contents of the cookware as fast as traditionally thick copper cookware.

But what this set lacks in thickness it makes up for in durability!


Because the aluminum core radiates heat well and works in combination with the copper exterior. You can easily cook delicate dishes without the worry of overcooking them.

These pots and pans feature superior heat conductivity! which means whenever you adjust the temperature of the burner. The pots and pans will almost immediately change. Allowing you to perfectly sauté your food.

For the price! this cookware set performs better than expected. however! it can’t compete with a copper pots and pans that are made out of thicker layer of copper.

Some cooks actually prefer this type of tri-ply design simply because it’s more durable! And easier to care for compared to traditional copper pots and pans.

Additionally you can still expect faster cook times compared to dishes cooked in aluminum or stainless steel cookware.

Unlike tin-lined copper pots and pans, this set will not need to be relined in the future.


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Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply copper cookware set is a great buy for the cooking student or family on a tight budget. This set is not designed for professional use. Pro-quality copper cookware is sought after because of the copper’s ability to quickly heat up the contents of the pot or pan.

While promoting even cooking. Because the exterior of these pots isn’t the recommended thickness that most pros use. You can expect a dip in performance and cooking efficiency.

There is no question that this cookware set can outperform cheap Teflon pots and pans, it still can’t stand up to the type of pro-quality copper cookware that’s used in commercial kitchens.

Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply Copper Cookware set uses only a thin layer of copper combined with the aluminum core and stainless-steel lining. Because of this, the manufacturer is able to keep the price low.

If you’re looking for a pro-quality copper cookware set we recommend the Mauviel M’heritage M250B copper cookware set or the Cuisinart 10pc tri-ply copper cookware set, which is available at a comparable price.


Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Tri-Ply Copper Cookware set. The handles are made out of cast stainless steel and feature a slim design that makes them comfortable to hold.  They also feature stay cool technology, which allows you to safely pick up a pot or pan without burning your hand.


  • Priced affordably
  • Tri-ply design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stay cool handles
  • Beautiful hammered copper exterior
  • Easy to maintain


  • Thin layer of copper on the exterior

Lagostina Martellata Cookware Set Conclusion and Rating

Kitchen Product Rating as of March, 2022 [star rating=”4″ numeric=”yes”]

Lagostina Martellata Cookware Set

The Martellata cookware set by Lagostina is a more affordable option compared to competing copper cookware sets. However,!the price is significantly lower because the cookware has a thinner than average layer of copper. For some, this will be a deal breaker. Amateur cooks who have tried this cookware claim that the thinner layer doesn’t affect the set’s overall quality.

However, serious cooks may want to look elsewhere for a set that features a higher copper content. You can find sets of pro quality copper cookware in our extensive buyer’s guide, just click here. Overall, this tri-ply cookware offers an above average performance. Especially compared to traditional stainless-steel cookware. While many pros argue that this cookware is unable to regulate temperature like thicker copper pots and pans. Making it still a beautiful set that’s durable! low maintenance, and the perfect choice if you’re learning how to cook or want to make the switch from Teflon! cast iron, or stainless-steel. Despite the fact that the copper is thinner, this set still received plenty of positive feedback from happy home cooks. We highly recommend this set to the cook on a budget! who’s in need of a reliable cookware set that offers some of the same benefits that higher priced traditional copper cookware sets do. We gave this set a rating of four out of five stars.

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