How to Create the Best Butcher Knife Set

January 15, 2021

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How to Create the Best Butcher Knife Set? To the serious home butcher or cook, it is essential to own a high-quality set of knives.

Many pre-packaged sets of chef and butcher knives on the market with either a large set in a custom block or a minimalistic knife roll of essentials.

But what do all these knives do? And what knives should you buy when putting together your own custom knife block or knife roll?

Below we will look at some of the main knives you will find in a traditional knife block or set! We will give you a basic idea of each knife’s characteristics and the intention behind their design. Read on to learn more on how to Create the Best Butcher Knife Set

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Table of Contents

Boning Knife

A boning knife. As the name suggests, is used for cleanly taking cuts of meat off the bone of animals and fish.

A boning knife will typically have a medium-sized to long blade that tapers toward the tip.

The blade must have some flexibility! To give the user the ability to get next to the large and fine bones to get the most out of each cut of meat without making a mess.

Create the Best Butcher Knife Set Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is often the largest and most versatile knife in a butchers knife roll. It usually has a robust wide blade and is required to be rigid and sturdy.

Typically a chef’s knife is used for most of your cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing. Making it an essential investment for any good butcher or cook’s knife role.


Carving Knife

A carving knife is longer and narrower than a chef’s blade and is often used in conjunction with a carving fork to cut cooked meats or large roasts evenly.

It is an essential knife when needing to maintain the consistency and width of each cut for serving.

Because of this, the blade needs to be rigid to maintain cutting consistency when passing through beef, pork and lamb.

Filleting Knife

A filleting knife needs to have some flexibility to move around bones. This blade is often smaller as it needs to allow for hand dexterity and small movements.

Filleting knives are essential when filleting fish. So you can access and remove the delicate bones that come off the spine without damaging the delicate flesh.

Vegetable  Knife

Are becoming popular. While not common in western knife sets, Japanese style Vegetable knives purchase as the west begins to move towards a more plant-based diet.

A Vegetable knife looks like a mini meat cleaver and doesn’t come to a sharp point like most knives—a must-have for every modern kitchen.

Shirogami Kurouchi Custom Japanese Knife


A meat cleaver is possibly the best knife for cutting meat. It is perfect for hacking through large cuts of meat like beef and lamb with enough extra weight to help break through bone! In a single swing.

Although traditionally designed for meat. A cleaver can be just as handy for getting through large dense vegetables like pumpkins and yams.

There are many different cleaver sizes; however, they all share the same feature of a large flat blade, similar to a veggie knife, but broader and heavier.

Skinning Knife

More critical to butchers who hunt for their own meat, a skinning knife needs to be a short blade that optimizes hand control and has minimal flexibility to maximize performance.

A skinning knife will not generally be found in a pre-packaged set of butcher knives and may need to be purchased separately.

Butcher’s Scimitar

A scimitar, named after the curved sword made famous in the 16th century, is a long curved blade that is a staple for most butchers worldwide.

The long curved blade is perfect for taking cuts off large chunks of meat or dissecting cuts directly off the carcass.

For this reason, the butcher’s scimitar is rarely found in a set and needs to be bought separately, though some high-quality butchers knife sets do contain them.

Paring Knife

A paring knife is short and sturdy and is perfect for intricate cutting, dicing, mincing and peeling.

This knife is another must-have for the food presentation enthusiast as it allows you to make intricate cuts, or remove things like fruit stones without bruising the flesh of the fruit.

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In Conclusion

To create the Best Butcher Knife Set For the average home chef or butcher, a set of three knives will be all you will use. A modern minimalist butchers knife set usually contains a chef’s knife, veggie knife and a paring knife.

This combination draws its influence from Japanese knife sets.

Many people who buy pre-made knife sets never end up using all the knives in their knife block, so buying knives individually can sometimes be a better option.

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