7 Hacks to Clean Non-Stick Cookware

May 12, 2021

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7 Hacks to Clean Non-Stick Cookware. The use of nonstick bakeware and cookware is increasing, day by day. Like other cookware materials, non-stick can be a little picky to take care of. They can give you good quality results if they are treated with some extra effort and proper care.

Just Like we use a kitchen towel to clean all the kitchen shelves, stoves etc., we can use them to clean our nonstick cookware to dry them before placing them in the cupboards after washing. There are some easy hacks to clean the kitchen cookware as well.

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Here are seven easy hacks to clean your non stick kitchen cookware.

1. Clean Immediately With Hot Soapy Water

Most of the trashes will wash when you clean the cookware right away. The non-stick dish quality also keeps the majority of rubbish from doing so. To cut grease from dishes, use a gentle soap. With the help of soap, water, and Microfiber cloth washed all dishes properly from the outside and inside.

Clean Non-Stick Cookware, For tough stains, fill utensils with soapy water, do nothing with nonstick cookware for a few minutes, scrub the dishes, use the sponge, clean the base, and then rewash it with half warm water.  If nonstick utensils are not burnt or don’t have any permanent or tough stains, soapy water is best to clean greasy dishes. For cleaning purposes, this method is appropriate.

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7 Hacks to Clean Non Stick Cookware


2. Remove Cooked-On Grime with Baking Soda

Instead of using harmful cleaners, use natural options, like baking soda, first for cleaning purposes. It can be used in the following way: Add water with baking soda and olive oil until it becomes like a toothpaste. Pour equal part of baking soda and water.

For about 5 to 10 minutes, boil baking soda and water in the cookware. For a few minutes, leave it aside for cooling down. When it cools down completely, with the help of a microfiber cloth, wipe it off and wash it with water until all the spots are removed.

This method use to Clean Non-Stick Cookware the tough stains of grease and works as a green cleaning option. The lingering smell is also removed from the nonstick cookware by using baking soda.

3. Using Salt for Cleaning

Cleaning the nonstick cooking utensils with salts is also an easy way, especially when burnt out. Steps for this hack are given below. Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of salt.  Pour ½ cup of warm water to make a paste. Spread this paste all over the nonstick cookware and leave it.

After at least 10-15 min, clean it with a moist cotton cloth. In the end-use traditional soapy water method to clean it

4. Vinegar can Also be Used as a Cleaner

If you notice any greasy appearance on your nonstick cookware, it means its lifespan is becoming short, or it is near to its end. But don’t worry about removing these kinds of residues. Follow these simple steps. Add white vinegar partly into your nonstick cookware. Quickly boil it over the stovetop. The residue will come at the top. Let it be cool, pour out the liquid, and use traditional soap and water methods to clean.

There is another way through which residue or burnt food can be removed easily from non stick utensils, which is as follows. Take ½ cup vinegar in nonstick cookware, e.g., pan. Add 1.5 cups of boiling water to it.

After waiting for almost 5-10 minutes, remove this mixture and wash the cookware using warm water and a mild dishwasher. Take ½ cup vinegar in nonstick cookware, e.g., pan.

Add 1.5 cups of boiling water to it. After waiting for almost 5-10 minutes, remove this mixture and wash the cookware using warm water and a mild dishwasher.

5. Using Ketchup

Hacks to Clean Non-Stick Cookware It looks odd, but actually, it is a proper method to clean the kitchenware in recent times. Following easy steps are included in this method. Firstly, we will lubricate the façade of nonstick cookware with ketchup. Then we will keep it untouched for 30 minutes.

The cookware will be placed on the range and will keep for 10-15 minutes for boiling. After that, the solution will be taken out carefully. At last, after the cookware has been cooled, it can easily be washed by soap used for dishwashing.

6. Using Oven Cleaner for Clearing Burnt Smear

It is not a natural process to remove the smear of different nonstick bakeware and cookware, yet its working is very efficient in this case. It is a bit dangerous like some people think, but oven cleaner on cookware is relatively safe to use. It’s mostly effective for nonstick pans and ceramic-made cutlery.

Firstly, we will cover the base of the pan in the oven cleaner. Then we will keep it overnight or even for a few hours. The help of a rubbing pad will wipe the base of it. At last, the rest of the oven cleaner is removed with cleaning in hot water. Enjoying Clean Non-Stick Cookware?

7 Easy Hacks to Clean Non Stick Cookware

7. Lemon, a Good Hack to Clean Nonstick Cookware

the last to Clean Non-Stick Cookware. Many people are irritated by the smell produced due to washing the stove or pan with vinegar and water that is boiled. So, it is best to clean it with lemons. It can be done by following the steps that are mentioned below:

First, cut the lemons into small pieces or in quarters. Then add a small amount of water to the pan. Boil it. Put off the pan from the stove and turn it off. Then leave the water to cool, having lemons inside. Remove only the water from the pan. The burnt marks will be removed by using a rubbing brush.

At last, wash them and let them dry.


To Clean Non-Stick Cookware requires more care and attention, so there are some essential things to consider. Using metal utensils can harm the inner side of nonstick cookware by splitting the coating so, always use the knives specifically designed for them. Similarly, use the cleaning methods that suit the cookware’s material to increase their lifespan. Thank you for reading our article on 7 Hacks to Clean Non-Stick Cookware.