Kathy Stevenson.

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Experienced Chef and Culinary Expert

Kathy Stevenson. Kitchenairy’s Expert Blogger! Experienced chef and culinary expert Kathy Stevenson joins the team here at Kitchenairy! to share her expert opinions on current cooking gear. Ready to offer professional tips to advance your kitchen skills from basics to expert.

Chef and kitchen expert Kathy Stevenson is now writing exclusively for Kichenairy.com

“Kathy brings years of experience across the food industry. She is an accomplished chef, a successful business owner and a professional kitchenware wholesaler; this gives her experience across a broad scope of the food industry.”


  • Perienced chef and cafe owner
  • Gear expert and former kitchenware buyer
  • Passionate food and wine lover

Kathy Stevenson has worked in kitchens worldwide, including France, Italy, the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. She also has several years of experience working as a commercial and domestic kitchenware buyer and wholesaler.

This talented chef and barista opened her own café in London in mid-2015, and it soon became renowned for its artisan coffee. Inventive plant-based menu, as well as its artisan breads and pastries, baked in-house.

Kathy went on to work at several five-star restaurants along Australia’s East Coast, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.

She has had exposure to a wide range of cooking styles and techniques including traditional Italian, South-East Asian fusion, contemporary French cuisine and pastries, North-Indian cuisine, artisan baking, and more.

After needing a change of pace. Kathy later took an opportunity with a large American kitchenware wholesaler. Giving her exposure to some of the world’s leading professional and domestic cookware and gadgets manufacturers and innovators.

Kathy has contributed several articles for food magazines worldwide, and she has found a passion for writing about coffee, food, wine, cooking and kitchenware.

This culinary over-achiever has also performed several live cooking tutorials at global exhibits and trade shows and has appeared on local radio stations in the US and UK discussing plant-based cooking.

“I have always loved everything about cooking ever since I was a child. Food, drink and community is such a huge part of the human experience, and I love sharing it with people.”

Kathy Also Admits to Being a Massive Cooking Gear Geek.

Kathy also admits to being a massive cooking gear geek. She loves how gadgets and technology are giving more people the opportunity to make delicious and healthy restaurant-quality meals from their home kitchens.

We have the honor of welcoming her to the Kitchenairy team, and we look forward to Kathy sharing her years of experience with all of us, and helping our readers and subscribers choose the right gear for our home and professional kitchens.

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